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Wet canker can build up very quickly in baby pigeons.
Its the soft yellow, cream build up in the mouth and gob .
Early detection is key to avoid a visit to the vet.
You might notice your squab will breathe heavy and rapidly, and you will notice they will breathe through their mouth instead of the nose.
If you catch it early you can gently scrape the build up out of the birds mouth .
Give the squab one drop of apple cider vinegar after the squab is fed .morning and afternoon.And continue to remove any build up until it's gone.
It should only take a couple of days to see improvement.
If it's build up is in the gob .
One drop of apple cider vinegar after every feeding.
This will also help the parents from getting sick ,and build the birds immunity.
If the build up is too far gone then you will need proper avian medication.
And never try to scrape out a growth that is too large.This will cause bleeding and can be fatal .
If your squab has hard balls starting to build up in its throat you can dilute lemon and water 50/50 .one drop after feeding.
Happy to help.its worked for me for decades.
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