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Eastern Iowa Exotic Bird and Small Animal Swap

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Hi we are having a bird and animal swap at the Jackson County Fairgrounds April 18 from 7-11 in Maquoketa, Iowa.

There will be buying and selling of all types of small animals and birds. We would sure love to have some pigeon people there.

Here is a link to the website with more information.

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Hello and Welcome to Pigeon Talk

Are there going to be any exotic pigeons or any type of pigeons there? :)

Thanks for sharing.
Iowa Bird Swap

I am trying to get people to come and sell or buy pigeons at our swap meet. I have had several people call me and ask if there will be pigeons there. So I hope there will be exotic pigeons there.
What does it cost to sell birds here? How many vendors are currently scheduled to attend this?
eastern iowa bird swap

It cost three dollars admission there is no fee to sell just admission.

This is the first one we are having, and advertisments go out next week in the papers. I do not know how many vendors we will have because we do not preregister vendors, but I have recieved a lot of phone calls and emails from people intrested in the swap.

Hope this helps.
Are you on alliowapigeons?

alliowapigeons is a yahoo group with sveral hundrd members. You might post your message there.
Thanks I did not know it existed.
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