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Egg ok in the sun?

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I am letting my birds have one more baby and they have chosen to nest on the floor instead of in the nest. I made a little place for her but the only thing that worries me is it's not always in the shade. Is it ok for the egg to be in the sun when they are not on it? It's not tooo hot here but it is in the 80s.
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it will be fine, they incubate at 90-100 or something like that, so the sun is a moot thing. but if the baby is on a flat surface might look out for spayed legs when the time comes.....
Put some nesting material close to the eggs and they will use it. Mine gathers those and put the materials around the egg. When they were eating, I cheated and put some materials under the eggs. They didn't know what happened. But from experience you can't put a nest bowl there and put the eggs inside. They will abandon it.
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