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I found a ferral pigeon that was sick. Its breastbione was very prominent and although the bird eats a lot, clearly it is starving. After 4 days of keeping it warm, etc the bird started to pass fresh blood. I asked the vet for anti-biotics. After being on it for 2 days the bleeding has stopped and the bird has passed something that looks like a small olive with a hole in one end. It was dark brown, lighter around the hole. It also had a tail, like an umbilical cord, attached to a smaller more bloody looking something. It was soft. The bird is moving about now, not eating as much but looking better. I wonder if this could have been an egg that went wrong. Any thoughts on what it is and how I can further help would be appreciated .

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Yes, birds can have infections in their oviducts and other issues that can cause them to not lay eggs and have a back-up of egg tissue, even some immature egg sacs. Not sure if this is what is going on, but it sounds like it. Can you post a picture? Is she pooping?

Be sure to follow this link:


She may not have been able to find any or enough sources of calcium, and that can cause all kinds of egg/ egg laying issues-makes sense since she is starved, please do give her liquid calcium once she has been rehydrated and eating well.

Thank you for caring for her.
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