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Eggs wanted

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Which large breed specifically are you looking for?
My father is particularly interested in Kings or Modenas, but any larger breed would be welcome.
you should look on the adoption forum, there are usually kings for adoption there, but you may have to pay to ship the bird to you or perhaps you will find one close to your area.
I have applied to the animal shelter nearest me, but it has been weeks and I have heard nothing back. I have given up hope on that front.
And even if they did decide I could adopt one or two of their king pigeons, it would still be nice to have a few of a different family.
have you looked through the adoption forum and the birds wanted and for sale? There are also breed clubs online that have breeders listed, you can always put your information on the adoption thread and see if anyone has anything.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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