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End of breeding

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All but one pair of my breeders are raising their second round. Today one of the pair had laid an egg (third round) and I removed it and replaced it with a wooden egg. How old should the young be before the pair can be split and leave one of the pair to raise the young or should I leave them alone until the young are on their own? Also, if they can be split before the birds are weaned, which one would be best at raising the babys. Except for the pair that have raised only one round, I don't need any more young from these pairs.:confused:

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I have just come from the loft and moved my last 3 babies to the YB loft. I always just leave my pairs on dummy eggs until I wean off the last baby and then move both the hen and the cock to their respective sections. You CAN remove the hen and leave the cock to finish raising the babies as early as 2 weeks old. I've had to do that a few times for one reason or another. If you've just got that one breeding pair in the breeding loft, which means that part of the day, the hen will be the only hen in that section and will get harrassed continuously by the other cocks while he sits on the eggs, then I would remove her when the babies are 2 weeks to about 18 days old.
Widowhood flyers that let their pairs raise babies, remove the hen and leave the babies with the cock to raise OR some move one baby to the hen section and leave one with the cock. They also do this when the babies are about 2 weeks old..........so, bottom line, it can be done and it's really up to you how you want to handle it.
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Thanks Renee. I guess will leave them with their parents until they are weaned and put them on dummy eggs. I have three pair in the breeding section that have young and one set of young (Grizzle Parents) are about ready to be on their own. They are eating and drinking on their own when I put them in the floor. Thanks for the info.

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