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Ringneck dove (RND) and Eurasian collared dove (ECD) have 100% fertile offspring. This is why Collared dove pied, leucist or Tangerine are seen in the wild in Spain, UK and USA. ECDs are much more adept at surviving than RNDs, but when one or an entire flock of RNDs escapes, they readily interbreed with ECDs and pass their "color" genes to wild ECDs. A different color does not appear to be a barrier to survival, and in drier areas lighter colors or 'pied' may even be more successful in survival.

On the Internet I came across 'crested' ECD, which is supposedly an f2 offspring of crested RND and ECD. It is a recessive trait, and it is not rare among other members of the Columbidae (Crested pigeon, crested quail-dove). Recessive traits persist in the gene pool for a long time, usually forever. It is possible that in some areas crested ECDs will occasionally appear as well as leucist individuals. I would very much like to see more photos (not only) of this mutation in wild Eurasian collared doves.


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