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ever see a web footed pigeon?

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Hi today my wife found one of our baby pigeons with webbed feet I've never noticed this before and I was the one that banded the bird?! Here are a couple of pictures of the webbed feet!


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Do a little cross breeding with a duck? LOL
I want to know why too?? I use to have some pigeons that had web feet also?
i had one this year with webbed feet on one of it's feet. What i did was used a razor blade and made slit to allow the legs to be free. Although mine wasn't as bad as yours, I notice it made it hard for the bird to land on certain things.
The webbed feet are quite unusual, but I have seen a couple of birds with them. It doesn't really harm them or hinder them, so not a big deal IMO.

Well, seeing that birds and reptiles are the last of the living dinasours - makes sense to me :)
It is amazing what mutation can do. This is evolution in progress! I haven't seen one in person, but I have seen pictures in roller forum as well.
Hey, you might be on to something here. I bet these birds would be really popular in Taiwan where they do a lot of racing over open ocean! You might be able to make a fortune with these!

Oh...how cute, and I'm glad it won't hinder the bird at all.

This opens up a whole new world of new names for this pigeon....like Donald, Daisy...if it is a hen...those are just two that came to my mind in a second..:p
Is that bird inbred?
Nothing New

Web foot in pigeons is nothing new Charles Dawin mentioned it way back in 1868. In fact there are two types of web-foot geneticly, web foot(w) ,and web-foot lethal (wl)most of the lethal type do not hatch and if they do they most often do not live over 10 days also the lethal type(wl) is sex linked while the other type web-foot(w) is not. While we are on the subject of feet there is another genetic factor that does accure POLYDACTYLY (skpy) in this case the bird will have extra toes. While we are at it I guess that I should also mention AMPUTATED(am) in this case the bird will have one or more toes missing. After all this maybe we need to call in a FOOT DOCTOR LOLGEORGE;)
I've never seen this before....maybe inbreeding played a factor in this.
Hi HENRY, In all the reading that I have done I find nothing that indicates inbreeding as a cause. However in the case of WEB-FOOT LETHAL (wl) it is said that it is sex linked.Which I understand is pass by the hen to the male off spring. But you must keep in mind that there are 2 types of WEB-FOOT 1 of which non lethal and the other that is lethal. GEORGE;)
Hey DEEJAY back home 15 years ago I have a bird that have webs on all her fingers that look just like duck webs and I just found that bird in our backyard bathing together with my birds. almost every flyer wants to buy it before but I did not sell it and have kept it. untill one day someone stole it from my loft while I'm at school.
Interesting! :) I've never seen or heard of web foot genes in pigeons. I have seen pictures of the polydactyls though.
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