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explain how a wind up race timer logs in the bird

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Can someone explain to me how a wind up racing pigion clock works?
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I don't know that I can explain it very well. We've never used the wind up clocks and I've only seen a couple of them.
I know there's a hole that you put the counter mark in and then you turn the wheel and the time is stamped on the roll of paper.
At clock opening, the paper is removed and you have to read the clock and figure out what time the bird was clocked.
I guess someone who actually KNOWS how these things work will answer you at some point. :rolleyes:
Can someone explain to me how a wind up racing pigion clock works?
Once a countermark is placed into the clock, it is "knocked" which means a lever is turned or puched depending on model. This imprints the time on paper inside the clock. This would then indicate what time the bird arrived at the loft. Distance and time in flight will then determine the speed. Races are of course determined by which bird flew the fastest speed.

This is the process anyway. As to how a pigeon clock works, it works the same way a wrist watch works....and I don't really know how that works....I just know that somehow the clock "knows" what time it is.....:rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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