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Aias found a grounded banded pigeon yesterday. We're calling her Nina. Anyway, originally, I didn't think it looked like there was anything wrong with her. I thought maybe just lost and dehydrated. Her feet/wings looked fine, she wasn't too puffed up and looked alert. So we set her up with a heating pad and some rehydration solution, and after awhile, she was drinking. She didn't eat any of the seeds we put for her though. I thought maybe she was just scared so we gave her a little time.

Today I tubed about 20 cc of formula since she still hadn't eaten. Well...she threw it up along with some 6-8 humongous seeds. I thought they were seed pods that she found, but Aias says they sell those seeds at a local pigeon supply store--there are a LOT of rooftop coops in the area. We live in an area now where people fly their pigeons and try to catch other people's pigeons etc.

So the vomit smells awful, very sour. The poops were originally dark green, watery with white urates. Now they're moist and light green with white urates.

We have Nystatin, Baytril, Spartrix, Appertex and Ivermectin. What should we do? It's harder for us to get to Animal General now since we're both working full-time outside the house.

Oh Aias thinks this is a young pigeon but I don't know. Looks full-grown to me: no fuzz, no squeaking, and has a white area on the ceres. Has a small beak cause of whatever breed she is. She has a light brown head and neck with lighter wings that have brown stripes. Two bands, yellow and black. Will try to post pics.

She now looks more sick than when she got here. She's in a bit of a crouched position and her breathing looks a little labored.

Thanks for helping.
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