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fantail doves and The local Wood pigeons, will they get on ?

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Hello All :) :)
I have just acquired some fantail white doves, which are netted up in my garden, getting used to their new home, they still havent been to ikea yet, but they seem to like it.
(they still will not go inside the dovecote, even after a few helping hands!!) Will they ever work out where to sleep on their own?
Also there is a family of wood pigeons close by, who are giving them evils on the nearby rooftops, is this normal? After I lift the net im worried they will amount a full scale attack on my babies...
Please any information would be fantastic.
Btw ive named them Rod, Jane and Freddy(Fredricka), cant tell the sex yet :)


Andy :)
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no they will be fine i think the wopodies are just looking at someting they may ahve never seen before and do not let those babys out too early
thats a relief, and no im keeping them in for six weeks :)
can we have some pics everybody likes pics
The Woodies won't pose a problem.

Can your babies fly up to the dovecote? Is the net obstructing their flight up to the pop holes? You could try a perch half way up so that they can get up in two stages.

Don't leave them on the ground overnight, a fox or cat will soon break through the net if they see an easy meal.:eek:
fantail album posted

i have just posted an album, please take a look, they are not on the ground.:cool:
Lovely birds.

Give them a bit of time and they should get the hang of where to sleep.;)
woodpigeons tend to be quite nosey and curious but keep themselves very much to themselves,so i think your garden fantails will be fine
thanks for all your responses :)
I hope the woodies will not eat all their food :)
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