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I am from Adelaide South Australia.
I have had two fantail doves for about 5 years, sisters called Diamond & Pearl. Diamond went missing about a year ago, so after a few months we got a replacement, as Pearl was stressed and se4emed lonely. The replacement is Charlie, who settled in well.

Four months ago Diamond (we thought) re-appeared in the yard and has been living on top of the dove house, mostly ignored by the other two.

Charlie and Pearl had two babies about 11 weeks ago. The week after they started flying , mum and dad took the two babies across to the neighbours roof for an outing. While they were gone, Diamond flew into the house and when they returned would not allow Charlie or the two babies back into the house.

They have now taken up residence on the window in front of the dove house. With Diamond attacking Charlie every time he tries to get back into the house, Diamond would also do this to the young birds when they tried to get back to Mum.

Now Diamond and Pearl are sitting on a 2 week old baby. Obviously Diamond is an imposter, as this is obvious a male ring in. Our diamnd was a female.

I haver noticed this week that Charlie seems to be losing weight and feathers around his head. He was a beautiful looking bird until the last week, and now he doesnt look well. I observed that everytime he tries to eat the other male (imposter) flies down and attacks. I have to stand there while he eats to keep the other bird from attacking. I have put food in other places but where ever he goes this other male bird attacks.

I am concenrned about how he looks.
Could stress of losing his mate and being kicked out from his house be the cause of this?

Im thinking that once the new baby can fly I will give it away with the father and try to resume our once happy little flock of birds.

In the meantime I am not sure what to do about Charlie as he doesnt look anyhting like he did a week ago.

Id appreciate any thoughts on the problem. We seem to be having a turf war and he is coming off badly.

cheers geni-inoz
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