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hello everybody,

i just want to share this with u and get ur opinion on it, i was walking in the park yesterday, and i saw a small female walking, and a male following her and beating her all the way, he was also pulling at her feathers, and she just kept walking, and looking for food, they did that for 5 mnts, then, she stopped, and he got more aggressive, so she gave up and allowed him to mate with her, i thought this is the end of the abuse, but then he went on with beating and feather pulling, and she started walking again, i was going to the super market, but i stopped to watch them for 15 mnts, and i felt sorry for her.
my question is why is he doing that? most males r nice and why did not she fly away from him? she did seem a young female to me.
of course i did not interfere, but i am curious about the whole behavior.
thank you for ur time, and info.
The bird he was following is his mate. If it wasn't, she would have flown away and not put up with the "abuse"......my birds do the same thing and although is seems "cruel" to us, that's just the way pigeons are. I expect they have a nest somewhere and she's getting ready to lay and he knows it and wants her IN the nest so that no other males can get to her. They'll be just fine. It goes on all the time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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