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female still not laying eggs?

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That is not too old. If "she" is not a "he" (and since you observed them mating they are probably a pair, then maybe they just need a little more time.

You should do a "google" search or search on this site, concerning "eggbound", and read up on it. Just in case.
If the hen is less than 5 or 6 months, then probably she doesn't know how. But I suspect that she is not a she, but a male. Sorry. Hen can mate with each other. Cock can mate with themselves, too. I think you may not have a real pairing pair. It seems too long already.
"Cock can mate with themselves" Ha Ha. I would like to see that. Must really be a really flexible pigeon.

Just kidding around Rod. Ha ha Ha
Oops! LOL! Now that I've read what I wrote, I see what you see. You are too imaginative conditionfreak!
Geez... Give it some time..Not all pairs go to work real fast. Dave
Like Dave said, give some time......they are living creatures, relax and enjoy your birds eggs or no eggs.
I have (2 ) 2006 hens,that are not laying..One is on the flying team,and one is in the stock loft...Birds are healthy,so I really don`t know the answer myself....As for my birds,I have maybe a goofy answer..In 2007,I moved my lofts 6 miles to a new location...In 2008,I moved my lofts to another location 2 mies away from the 2007 location...I wonder if these two hens have not accepted all this moving,and don`t consider the lofts "home" anymore ??? I don`t have a clue other then what I said above...The flying hen is in execlent condition...She is "tripping" with whatever OB`s that are flying,and enjoying themselves...One day,they flew for almost 1 1/2 hrs....Most of the time,30 to 45 minutes..Then they are taking off flying,as more birds come off the nest,and coming out to fly around...It`s puzzeling to me to say the least...I even gave a GOOD egg for the stock hen to hatch,and raise with her mate...The YB is healthy,and now in the YB section...So,now I gave her two GOOD eggs from another pair to raise....This hen laid eggs in 2007,and nothing since then....Alamo
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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