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Feral Pigeon With a Broken Foot

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Tonight one of my regulars came home to sleep. She couldn't stand on one of her feet. When it got dark, I got her out of her regular sleeping spot high above on a shelf and after a little unfortunate flying around in dark and struggle, I found out that her tersometatarsus, right before it joins the phalanges seems to be broken. The toes are swollen. There is a little bit of bleeding and the foot is loose. There is a noise when her foot is moved around which does not sound good. After disinfecting the wound, I carefully wrapped some thin paper board and gauze and taped it around the broken segment hoping to prevent it from moving. I don't know if this was a good idea but this is all I could think of doing right now. Tomorrow I'm going to call the rehabbers from Animal General. In the meantime does anyone have any suggestions, please?
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That's the best you can do. Morning isn't that far away.
Thank you for helping her.
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