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feral pigeon with hurt wing in Queens NYC

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I rescued an adult pigeon that was just sitting outside my door. I saw it running around before, but one of the wings appeared to be injured as it couldn't fly away. Is there anywhere I can take the bird for treatment? Thanks.
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Welcome to Pigeon-Talk and thank you so much for assisting this bird. There is the Wildbird Fund in NYC: http://www.wildbirdfund.com/ and also search here for Pesek .. that would be Dr. Linda Pesek who is an avian vet with a special fondness for pigeons. She may be more in your area. We also have a rehabber or two here on the board that are in the greater NYC area.

Dr. Pesek is too far, but the Wild Bird Fund is perfect. I will contact them in the morning. And thanks for having such a great site! It's amazing how the internet can help even a little pigeon from a cruel fate. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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