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ferile 20 days old chick pigeon

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I stumbled across a ferile chick wood pigeon which looked like it had
fallen from a nest under a bridge. My initial thought was to leave it
be but it was making no attempt to fly or run away from me, so I decided
to take it home and hand rear it until it was ready to be returned back
to its nesting site.

I searched google to gather some info on feeding and also found this
site which helped me to determine its age,


from the pics the chick was looking closer to 20 days old
so I kept it in a fairly large cardboard box close to a radiator. for the
first 3 to 4 days it was very chirpy and was eating corn,peas,seeded bread
and oats from my hand. I also gave it milky water via a syringe dropper. I
tried to feed it 3 times a day and every feed time it was the usual
pecking at my hands and chirping.

I was starting to get quite fond of this little chirpy chick and feeding
it was a pleasing experience as it was always huddling close to me.

On day 4 after feeding it, I noticed it was a little quieter than usual so
I just thought it may have eaten too much and left it at that, but I was
upset to find it motionless in the corner of the box a few hours later.
I was looking forward to seeing it fly.

Is it common for hand reared ferile chicks to die so quickly ?
(I did notice some fluid around its mouth).

I've rescued other animals sucessfully but birds not so successfully.
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I am so very sorry you lost the baby. It's very easy to get attatched huh? Thank you SO much for trying to help it.

What is "milky water"?

It could have been a lot of things.....maybe the fluid could be a clue. Did it smell and do you remember what it looked like? Could the baby have asperated or was it sneezing this fluid?
I am so sorry!

Are you certain it was a wood pigeon? They tend to avoid cover and ledges, they prefer the open and nest in treeas.

Was the baby pooping properly and emptying its crop between meals? Was his mouth clean and pink?

thanks for the replies, I was surprised to find this forum with so much activity.

I found the chick in a woodland area so thought it may have been a wood pigeon as there were lots of them around like these:


What is "milky water"?
The milky water is 0.25ml milk and 0.25ml water mix. the birds crop was soft to touch and almost empty before each feed. the poops were white with green stools. I didnt really want to cause too much stress on the bird so I didn't examine its mouth or for any injuries.

maybe the baby asperated like you say which is just unfortunate and I don't have much knowledege about birds.

anyway, it's nice to know so many like minded people.
I don't know about the milk thing....did you read that somewhere? I doubt birds/pigeons can digest dairy milk very well....

Anyways sorry again for your loss, you tried, maybe someday another little one will come along and that one will make it.
I don't think it's very healthy to give milk to pigeons :confused:
If you happen across another youngster someday give it pedialyte instead.
I'm so sorry the baby didn't make it. Kimberly is right--for future reference, baby birds should not be given milk, as they can't digest it.
Thank you for helping the baby, I'm sorry it didn't work out. I know it is hard to lose one. Sounds like you did all you could and in the future you will be an expert. ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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