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Well I think we finally figured it out!!! :D Not sure how many remember the thread from Feb of 09 in regards to single eggs being fertilized but here it is.
Just wanted to comment that we had a similar problem with breeders this first round in Dec so we removed eggs, cut tail feathers (maybe a half inch off), and thinned out the heavy feathers from the cock birds vent area. BINGO we have 100% filled eggs now. After researching the problem since Feb of 09 we discovered that Mother Nature has a "safety" system in place to ensure poor fertilization of eggs in the winter. The feathers around the vents are longer and thicker in the winter than normal (especially the real cold areas) and this prevents proper fertilization. So anyone having issues getting fertile eggs needs to try thinning the feathers out and I am sure this will fix most problems on filling the eggs. Of course you cant make a 20 year old cock fill them just by thinning out feathers :rolleyes:
Hope this experience has been helpful.
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