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Many of us have heard of the Flamingo Race. But to have a bird entered with your name on it takes alot of planning, and have a bird with the ability to win. :)
click the long link: http://www.flamingoic.com/index.php...rds&SYS_Content_anzahl=&SYS_Content_index=100 This is page 2 of entries. As you can see Someone we know has birds there. What is even more amazing to me is page 3. Warren has entered a bird as SMITH FAMILY/QUIET TIME LOFTS. This bird will be coming to my loft when the races are over. This friendship started here on Pigeon Talk with a request for a "national 07 YB kit tester" . I am still flying 2 of them as OB and they crossed well into my bloodline. One of my 1/2 SFL babies placed 7th in a futurity race in my combine last year too. This entry was made for me because I did the most complete reporting during the 07 yb test program.
:D Can SFL USA win 3 years in a row? :eek: I hope so.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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