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flying the birds? how soon

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Well the plan is to get my first birds this week end from a fellow site member. it says they are 2009 hatchlings not sure when. Roller pigeons. So when i get them home, and put them in the loft. how many days or weeks should i keep them in the loft before i let them out. im in the process of building a box thats wrapped in wire that covers the "flight" let out door and the "bob" trap door. that way they can go out and come back in thru the trap. from the loft they have lots of open space and can see alot from the loft.

should i let them all out at once with out being fed. or just a few at a time. just trying to figure it out because i dont want to loose all the birds. im picking up 10 birds to start.

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If they are rollers you can "settle" them in 2 weeks by putting them in an aviary so that they can see the surroundings. If you don't have aviary, then hopefully you can put some settling cage where you can put the birds there on a landing board. You probably can trap train them after couple of days of having them. It is easy to lose rollers because they don't have much homing ability at all though. Certainly only release them only hungry so that when you want them to go inside the loft you can either whistle, shake can or depending on how you train them to respond to you during trap training.
Before you let them out for the first time,make sure it`s a nice day,and put a bath pan out for them,when ALL the birds are nice and wet,take the flight cage away,so they can fly on the loft,and will not take off and fly,since they have to dry off first..In about a half hour,they will be DRY & RELAXED,and may fly abround the loft for a few spins...After you have the birds trapped trained,and they have been in the avairy for about 10 days or so,do the above with the bath...Good Luck......Alamo
thanks for the tips, this is going to be fun. -chris
The key is to be patient....take your time and let the birds settle in and get to know their new surroundings. This help prevent losses when you let them out of the loft to fly around. These are rollers so the won't try to fly back to their original owner.
Longer the better. My birmingham roller got out after 2 1/2 months on a nice clear sunny day after he even got a good bearing on his surroundings. That was like a week ago and I have not seen him since.
so keep them a while in the loft/open cage. a month or so, build a box/screen by the trap and fly away door. let them go out and walk in or make them get in there and do it. let them out when hungry and hope they come back at night. lol
Looks like they can see out of your loft pretty good. IF they were old birds i would tell you to wait until they are on the nest, with just laid eggs, but WHO could wait that long in your case! LOL! Just make sure they stay in long enough to really feel it is home, and leave them locked up, as has been said for at least a month. Even old rollers are not that hard to settle, just be patient, once settled and flying the fun begins;) Dave

They got lost because it is easy for them to get lost! They don't have much navigation abilities. And different family/strain of rollers have different degrees of navigation. I think Jaconette rollers can get lost easily.


That is about right. It is very important that on their first release, they are hungry and must NOT get spooked!
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