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for those feeding greens to your birds

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young birds
how often?
how much?
what greens do u feed them?
can u over do it with greens?
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I haven't fed mine greens before (other than what they might peck at while they're outside). But if/when I do, I would probably only give them to the birds once a week. Probably chards or something of the like. Just expect some messy droppings with the greens! They'll return to normal within a couple days though :)
This guy's videos might help a bit:
I give my birds mixed organic greens 3 times a week. I also give them minced carrot, minced broccoli tops and defrosted corn on alternate days. I don't give them a huge amount but enough for each bird to have a few bites. They just love their treats and wait for them every morning.
I serve them on a large plastic tray.
Friend of mine has a juicer that he gives me the ground up carrots from about once a week. It is free and the birds love it, but that is about it for fresh vegs.
My birds eat my garden. Here is one picture:

They are eating that ice plant.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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