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Hi !! I hope you can give me some tips has too how to treat this little dove that I am fostering for the spca that had been banded and outside that has it's feathers missing on her stomach and chest area and has really dry skin and feet . I hope you can give me some tips has what to use to bath or feed her to help this dryness . It is eating are seem to be drinking ok .

Please Help !!!!!!


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Don...it wold be great if you would post a picture.
You said it is a Dove but I'm wondering if it's a white Pigeon. Did the bird have a band on it when it arrived at the SPCA. If so, it would be helpful if we can have the numbers as this may be a bird that's lost. Could be though, that the owner doesn't want it back.
Most Pigeons and Doves just love to bathe so offer the bird warm water in a cat litter like container about 1/4-1/3 full. Splash your hand in the water to get interest from the bird. Instinct should take over and the bird will bathe.
Perhaps you can find a Dove mix seed at the pet store. If the bird is a Pigeon, you can add dried peas, lentils and small pop corn. The bird will also need Pigeon grit and Oyster Shell, each offered separately in small amounts and each in their own dish.
Has this bird been evaluated by a veterinarian?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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