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Found a bird - please advise!

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Hi can someone please help? I opened my door yesterday to find a pigeon waiting outside!

It seems to be feral and does not look at though its wing is broken (I'm going by what I've read here) as it isn't drooping or anything, but it can't fly? It's foot seems to be not working as it just curls under when it walks on it. There looks to be dried blood around it's beak.

I've given it some food (peanuts, carrot, and some other bits) and some water and its eating and drinking well. I've put a large cardboard box outside with shredded paper in (made a hole for it to go in and out), but I'm in the uk and its quite windy and cold.

It's staying of its own accord as I've not caged it, and is walking around the garden then going back in the box. I'm sorry, but i know nothing whatsoever about birds so don't really know what to do? Should I bring it indoors or anything? I'm not going to let anyone destroy it so dont want to take it to a shelter, but I have cats? A friend has a rabbit hutch to spare - woudl that be any good?

Any advice is appreciated!
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For the time being, please bring the pigeon inside.
Where about are you located?
I'm in the uk. I am lucky enough to know a very good vet, who can see the bird, and am happy to care for it afterwards, but just wanted some info on feeding and general health requirements.

Unfortuanely I have house-cats so the bird cannot live inside for a long period, but I have a heated shed area where he / she can go?
Your story sounds JUST like our's!! (Be carefull - we started with the 1 and now have 15:D)

Anyway - YES, the rabbit hutch works well. Although we now have a loft, we went out and bought a rabbit hutch for our 1st feathered friend when he chose to stay. We'll now use it as an isolation ward, if needed.

Our friend ("Magellan") chose our garage as his living quarters. Sounds like you could choose your heated (nice touch!) shed and save yourself some headaches. It would be ideal to bring the bird (and rabbit hutch) inside so you can add a heating pad and keep a close eye on it, but I sure understand about the cats. Do you have a room you could close the hutch into? If not, your heated shed could become his new home. We chose NOT to bring our guy inside as we have 3 cats who would surely do everything in their power to do harm to the bird. He stayed quite happily in the garage ... flying free unless he wanted food or water, which were in the rabbit hutch. Got so that he slept in the hutch, too (by HIS choice). We now have a dog kennel in the bigger loft just for him!

Sounds like your new feathered friend knew JUST who to turn to for help!!
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