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It was outside my door, my mum easilly catch him/her in. Since we have zero knowledge about birds, I just thought put him/her in a big basin with newpaper followed with some corn mix(guinea pigs food) ride and oats. The basin place under the sink in the bathroom. I tried as much as not to bother him/her. Seems later, he/she jumped out from the basin and walk into the end of the bathroom, and remain facing his.her tail/butts to us. The food and water left untouch, I don't think he/she got a broken wing, i dunno too, i didn't see any physical sign of swelling or bleeding.

Then i get my pet carrier and try to 'shoo' him/her in, at least it's dark and feel more secure, when i carry it, i notice a big patch of feathers on it's belly were gone, it was bald, so does under her wings...i really have no idea what is this.....and i'm realy really wanna do my best to nurse it back to health so i could free him/her. Pls HELP!!!

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Thank you for helping this bird.

It might have fallen victim to a predator and that can happen possibly because they aren't feeling well to begin with.

Does it have a sharp keel bone (breast bone)?

Please follow this link first:


Once the bird is warmed up, rehydrated, it will need to be force fed if it is not eating on its own. pigeons go down hill very quickly when they don't eat, so intervention is necessary.
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