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Found a pigeon without letters on the band

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I found this pigeon in my backyard about a week ago. It has a green band with no letters and the number 22. It is not a racing pigeon as one of the members from the society confirmed that for me. Help! I know someone is probably looking for this bird.
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There ain't much you can do if it is just a numbered clip band or something like that. Those bands are not registered or anything like that. Sorry
Hello and thank you for your concern over this bird.

Where are you located?

Can you provide a pic of the bird?... perhaps we can help identify the breed and help find a local club who may be able to help find the owner.

Be sure to keep the bird inside in a cage away from elements and preditors.
Where are you located and is it the number twenty two or does the band have a two on each side of it? Also can you post a picture? If not what color is the bird?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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