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Found a pigeon

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Hi I found a pigeon in my garden that is unable to fly. It appears to have wounds to its wing area although I havent examined it closely. It could have possibly escaped a cat or been shot at I really am unsure at the moment. I keep chickens so have put it in a chicken pen for the time being to keep it safe, what more should I do for it? I have been told that if I take it to the vet which I am unable to do until tomorrow anyway they will put it to sleep.

Please help as apart from the wound area it is quite perky and I really want to help it. All advice greatly received.
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Can you tell us where you are located - maybe someone around the area, or at least will give us an idea of what meds may be available in your part of the world.

I'd say it would be advisable to give it a course of Synulox (aka Clavamox/Noroclav) - certainly if it was caught by something, it will need antibiotics to combat likely infection.

Can you describe the bird? Then we can jusge age maybe. Even better a digital pic or two, to shoew the wound(s) as well

It would be better in an enclosed space, like a cage or card board box or animal carrier and to be kept warm, as it may still have some shock (depending on when caught). Need to ensure it is not dehydrated also

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