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Found a tame white exotic pigeon in San Mateo, CA

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It's a big white pigeon that came up to a group of people clearly looking for someone to feed it and care for it. It is used to being handled but not petted. Healthy, clean, but hungry/thirsty.

It has red legs & feet but no band. Please help us figure out either where he belongs or where we might be able to give it a new home. We have 2 cockatiels and they don't appreciate the newcomer taking over one of their cages.

email me at [email protected] if you can help or at least can tell us what kind of pigeon he is (pictures attached) and what he needs for care. Thanks!


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Thank you for helping this needy bird.

What a lovely bird. He/she looks like it could be a king pigeon.

There may be no way to find its home without bands.

Pigeons eat pigeon seed, but a wild bird/dove seed will do for now.
Thank you for helping this bird

You're right. This bird needs human help to survive. Could be a king pigeon (meat bird- sold for squab) but its face is a little narrow and its beak is long- maybe a homer? Also, I've never seen a bird with white eyes. How is his vision? Do you notice any problems? Kings have big, dark eyes. Feral pij have yellow-orange eyes...

In any case, you've come to the perfect place for all kinds of great help. And I can help you to find it a forever home.

If you're able to foster it for a week or so, that would be AWESOME. I can maybe even hustle up a loaner cage for you to use.

Please e-mail me directly at [email protected] and again- thank you for helping this bird when it asked to be (and needed to be) helped.
Interesting .. pearl eyes .. not a homer nor a king I would think ?? Lovely bird, though, and I hope it finds a good home.

Beautiful bird :) I've seen doves with eyes like those...but too big for a dove...there's people out there that cross breed a lot, you could have something between a white homer/king or something in between.

Also is it just me or does one of its foot have a little bump on it? where all the toes are attached :S
Thank you so much for rescuing this pigeon. There are a number of pigeon breeds with pearl (white) eyes. Some also have a characteristic red eye ring like that. I don't recognize this bird as one of those breeds, but it's nagging at me I've seen a pigeon like it before. I'll take a look in my breeds book and get back to you.
I just looked through my book, the NPA’s Pigeons of North America in the 21st Century and the bird in question looks very much like a European breed called a Straslund Highflier. They are always bred in pure white with pearl eyes and a red eye cere. They are tall and slender medium sized pigeons. I can’t quite tell from the photo, but this bird does appear to have a long neck. Alternatively it could be a crossbreed of some kind.
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