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I'm in Greenpoint Brooklyn. She seems to have fallen from a nest over an awning but we can't find a nest. I think she is still young - she can't fly but does not appear injured; she can pull herself around by her wings to get away from us. She has a little bit of the yellow down feathers. Her eyes are sharp and her bill is still big and silly looking. Her feathers are fairly sparse on her back under her wings which also made me think she's young.

We put her under a shrub behind an iron fence across the street. It was the closest "safe" spot to where she was found (on top of a subway grate). I left her some water with Gatorade in it and some nuts, which were gone when I went by again an hour later. She is under a newspaper, under a bush now. I am worried that leaving her out all night she will freeze. But I also don't want to take a baby pigeon in, since she does not seem injured.

What should I do?? Thanks

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Please bring the baby inside and we can instruct you from there.
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