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Hi everybody,

I don't have any experience with birds but we found a dove (i think so) that was hiding Under rocks in my pond.

Good thing we saw her (or he) because once it was hiding, we could only see the tip of her tail.

Tonight it is suppose to freeze outside. I live in Québec, Canada and winter are brutal here. So we decided to pick it up and put it in my dog crate with water.

I don't know why it was hiding like that. Tired? cold?

1. Can they live in very, very cold weather?
2. How do I know if it's a dove or a white pigeon?
3. What do they eat?
4. If it's not hurt what do I do with it?

And by the way, it has a red tag with the number 56 on it.

Please, any insight would be very helpful!

Thank you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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