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found injured bird

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i found a young feral pigeon in the middle of a busy main road in fulham,although there r no obvious signs of injury apart from feather loss on his wing,he seems unable to fly,i,ve placed him inside a lined cardboard box with food and water, will he be able to fly if and when his feathers grow back and how long will it take,
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Is it possible you post a picture of the bird. I'm wondering if it's a young one.
Is the bird eating? Pooping?
Thank you for rescuing the little one, he wouldn't have lasted long.

It is difficult to say whether a pigeon with wing injury will be able to fly again although in my experience they usually do.

If the feathers have been completely "plucked", then they will regrow in 5 or 6weeks.

Whatever happens, don't hand him over to the RSPCA! :eek:

If you have any concerns about keeping him until his feathers grow back, or if it turns out that he is unable to fly, please take him to Pigeon Recovery, 8 Vermont Road, Sutton, Surrey.

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