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Found king pigeon New Braunfels, TX.

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Well, on a daily basis I take my pigeon Piper for little walks through the park, I noticed last week there was a pure white pigeon, very big. And it just sits on the ground, and it isn't scared of people at all (wondering if it's tame?) I was looking up what it may be, and i'm for sure it's a King pigeon. It's still at the park, i'm wondering if I need go back and see if it has a band on it. But it's very tame, you can even go up to it, it doesn't run. And no, it isn't hurt, and it can fly.
What do I need to do?
I know they aren't native to the New Braunfels area, so it has to be someone's, right?
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Thank you for your concern over this bird.

Most likely it belongs/ed to someone.

Please do go back and rescue the bird, it most likely is domestic, regardless of whether it has a band or not. It's looking for a kind hand to help it, as it used to being fed and not having to forage. It's just a sitting suck there alone.

If it is starving or sick, we can help you.
I was very concerned...I didn't know where it came from, and I had never seen it before! I will go back there today and coax it over with some feed and get to know it a little bit. We live in a small town, and there are people here who own pigeons, so I will ask around!
As Treesa mentioned, please go back and rescue the bird. Those big Kings can fly but they cannot fly well enough (due to their size and weight) to escape predators.
Maybe one of the people who own pigeons in your area woud like to adopt him.

Hi Kleiber, King pigeons are use for food, because the size they are big and not good flyers, but they can be very sweet and a great companion, probably doesn't have an owner, but let us know when you get him please, probably you can find a home for him, or we can always check here for someone that is interested in him... and thank you for paying attention to this little guy.

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