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found my pigeon with wild pigeons

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hey guyz i had a thread about my pigeons that flew away:http://www.pigeons.biz/forums/f24/they-are-not-back-yet-35168.html

I saw 1 of them with wild pigeons today and they are so close to my house so i saw it landing on some1s roof so i followed it and i saw three other pigeons sitting on the roof with my pigeon and then they landed on the floor so i ringed that house's bell and asked them if i can catch my pigeon and they had no problem with that.... i saw it in the backyard of that house eating with other pigeons so i went and got his dad from my house, i tied his wings and let him go so that baby came close to him and i went so close to them but wild pigeons flew and my baby pigeon followed them and took off....do u guyz think he still will come back even hes with wild pigons??? and where do u guyz think the other baby pigon went ? they were together the first day..
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What do you mean...you tied his wings?...Did you really do that? Why?
so father wouldnt fly with them... its a homer and i bought him from some1 else
i tied his wings cuz i was at some1 else's house but i took it off when i brought him back home
It's not a good idea to tie their wings. Please don't do that anymore. If you need to take one of your pigeons someplace, please take them in a cage or small animal kennel.

It's hard to say if the baby pigeons will come back.
Yes, as Charis said, you can put him in a small cage to take him to see the baby if you have to. It sounds like the baby might just be a "feral" now, it seems as though he has joined them. You might try using a long-handled net, or a box-trap. Keep in mind too that bringing the dad around the ferals might get the dad sick if the ferals have anything!

It can be extremely dangerous to tie any sort of thing to a bird, whether it is string, rope, wire, tape, etc., for a lot of reasons, but in this case especially; if he got away from you and a bit of the string slipped off, he could escape you but still remain tangled up in string, for example. Or it could tear a wing off or tangle around his neck. :eek: Of course you are trying to do the right thing and catch the baby, we are just trying to help keep the dad bird safe too for you. ;) Any sign of the other baby?
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