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My sister and I rescued a pidgeon off of a razor wire fence. Its leg is severly damaged, but otherwise is in good healt. I do not know if this is a homing pidgeon or a carrier pidgeon. However it had a band on it. The markings are

8962008 AU DEL
It is a green band.

There was another band on its other leg, but had no markings on it. I do not want to let it go with just one leg but it is ready to fly.

If this is a carrier I am pretty sure someone is looking for it. It has been hand held and is very gentle.


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Here's who you need to contact. Are you close to this club by chance? What you have there is a lost racing pigeon and since it's injured, it should not be turned loose. Not yet, anyway.

Club Name : DELAND RPC
Club Code : DEL
Club Secretary : CALVIN DURHAM
State : FL
Phone No. : 386-734-0588
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