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found , pigeon chicks and parents but , help is still needed!!!

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so i found a pair of pigeons that have made a nest on a building , and now they have 2 chicks that are about 14 days old.theres no problem now but wait, thebuilding that they made there nest on is going to be torn down and i want to save the poor family!

my question is , could i just move the nest to a safe place or should i adopt the family of pigeons? and the adults are very hard to catch how could i catch the? with a net, or with my bare hands?

any inf would be greatly appriciated,

thank u so much
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The best you can do is take the baby pigeons and the parents will fly away. We can give you instruction on feeding them.
Likely the parents won't recognized them if you move the nest. If you catch the parents too, they probably won't continue to feed the babies and it will still be up to you.
Do you think there are any more pigeons on the building?
When will the Building be Torn Down? Dave
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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