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Found Pigeon Help Im Desperate!!!!

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I found this beautiful white pigeon. I think it might be sick or it seems tired. It doesnt fly much and it's been in my backyard for two days. It is very friendly so I got to see that it has two bands. The yellow one says 705ab946 and the red one says 21. Please help me find this beautiful pigeon it's home. I hope it isnt sick!
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First of all, can you catch the bird? If so, that needs to be done. It might be sick, but it doesn't have anything that is going to make you sick. It might just be lost and starving to death too. Hard to tell without a better description. If you can catch and confine it, and then give us the complete band information, we MIGHT be able to help you locate the owner. I'm thinking the band probably has the letters NPA on it too.
If the bird is in the yard and you don't catch it, I expect in another day or so, you won't have to worry about it. :(
It sounds like it's in pretty bad shape.
Also, if you could tell us where you are, maybe there's a member close by that can help.
Where are you located? Perhaps there is someone near you who can help. Can you contain the bird?

Thank you for your concern. Please do try to catch the pigeon so you can put it in safe place and offer it water and food. From the color and numbers you gave I'm pretty sure the band does have NPA on it somewhere and this is a fancy pigeon. Yellow was the color of 2005 NPA bands (the 05 in the number) and 7 is the band size. 946 is the individual bird's ID number. Please do let us know where you're located so we can hopefully find someone in the area to help you with this pigeon.

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