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found pigeon in Nixa, Mo

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On Easter morning my wife and I look out in our front yard and saw a white pigeon eating hay. After going outside to look at the bird we noticed that it had been tagged with a silver band arounds it left leg but we can not see any writting on the tag. We dont know what to do bc the bird has now came to are front porch and is not acting as if it is going to leave and we are worried that it may not be able to survive on its own. Do you have any suggestions for us?
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Is it catchable? It is very possible that in the horrible weather we have had that he/she was blown of coarse and by catching him/her you may be able ot locate where its from.

Yes. Catch it, bring it inside, and keep it in a cage or dog kennel, and maybe from there you can figure out where it came from. It may need food and water. Maybe you can coax it to come to you with food. Do you have a way to get some bird seed. Maybe a Dove mix?
The best time to catch the bird is after dark. Place two hands over the top of the bird and around it's mid section. Avoid grabbing by the tail as that will cause the tail feather to come out and the bird will take off.
Be ready with something to put the bird into. A pillow case will do until you get the bird inside. As Jay3 says, a cage or dog kennel would be a safe place to keep the bird.
The bird is likely very hungry and probably doesn't know how to find food on it's own.
Once you read the numbers on the band, we can help track the owner.
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