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found pigeon Stewartsville NJ

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A pigeon is resting in our horse barn for 2 days now, he has a green tag on his leg with the following # 4531 WT 200, there may be more, but he (she) doesn't really want to be bothered with us. How do we track the owner? We have given the bird water and figure that he is making himself at home in the hay loft eating seed. It has been raining since he arrived, he may be smarter than we think and is waiting for dry weather. In the meantime we would like to see if we can find out where he came from.

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Hi Clay,

We really need to know all the letters and numbers from the band. If you can get that info and post it, we'll do our best to help you locate the owner of the bird.

I'm thinking your bird is possibly a WTCM banded bird (World Trade Center Memorial).

Please get back to us and thank you for your concern for the bird.

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