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Found pigeon with missing tail feathers, possibly sick?

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Found this bird at the carpark of a mall earlier, it's tail feathers seem to be going through a bad moult with being almost naked and all pin feathers.
It wasn't very responsive when I touched it, but did struggle a little when I picked it up, although it has seem to mostly been sleeping once I put it in my cat's carrier with some shredded paper for warmth.

It's legs seem to be curled up under it, and it was puffed up when I found it. No injuries from what I can tell, but it seemed to have trouble trying to stand.

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Are you familiar with handfeeding defrosted peas to a pigeon? Get him hydrated first by dipping the tip of the beak (not over the nostrils) in a small bowl of water. Can you post a photo of the toes?
Not looking good. First check inside his beak for any unusual yellow cheesy growths or white spots before feeding. Also post a photo of his droppings.
The dropping looks perfect. Maybe he got injured, or the feathers were ripped off by a predator and starting to regrow which will take a few weeks.
No, rather please wait. Just minimize contact with him not to stress him out too much. The park sounds like a good option for releasing.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts