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Found pigeon with missing tail feathers, possibly sick?

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Found this bird at the carpark of a mall earlier, it's tail feathers seem to be going through a bad moult with being almost naked and all pin feathers.
It wasn't very responsive when I touched it, but did struggle a little when I picked it up, although it has seem to mostly been sleeping once I put it in my cat's carrier with some shredded paper for warmth.

It's legs seem to be curled up under it, and it was puffed up when I found it. No injuries from what I can tell, but it seemed to have trouble trying to stand.

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I've given it some water with salt and sugar after looking at some of the stickied posts here. It didn't seem interested in food so I haven't tried feeding it yet, I will in the morning since it's late now.

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He doesn't seem to be resting any weight on the legs at all, nor moving them.
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The beak looks good, he was standing and very alert / tried to jump off me when I picked him up for feeding this moving.

Doesn't seem to want to fly, though. The middle / lower half of it's back and tail are covered in pin feathers (Which is weird because winter starts in a week in australia)
It did jump on the sink and poop when it tried to go for the window.

Once it eats on it's own and seems to be able to fly I'll set it free where I found it
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It's much more alert now and eating on it's own. And seems to want very much to get away from me lol.

Doesn't seem to fly well, but it can take off. Would it be safe for me to release it in a park where people feed the pigeons often? Or would it be better to wait for it's feathers to grow back?

Thank you so much for the help.
Thank you.

I check on him every 2days or so to clean out the carrier, his food and water is replaced every morning.

There's been some nice progress on the feathers growing back, at least it doesn't have a bare butt anymore lol
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