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Found pigeon with severe neck wound (a part of the skin is not there) and it is not eating

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Hi the injured pigeon I found still doesn’t eat or drink by himself after 27h. He only drinks when I bring the water to his beck. I also made him drink it mixed with honey, salt. I was told I should force feed him since it’s been a day so I made him eat 4 small unsalted sunflower seeds but I read that it’s bad for him? Is there anything I can do about it? I just learned about baby bird formula Nutribird and I’ll go buy that tomorrow to feed him with syringe but please tell me anything I should and should not do I’m very worried.
For context I found the pigeon yesterday evening and the wound was fresh there was still some blood drops. I took him home in a box and I cleaned his wound with saline solution. I also read in this forum that the wound should be kept wet (?) so this morning I applied honey (it was holiday yesterday here so I couldn’t go buy anything and I read this in an injured bird research paper I hope it’s fine). He was just laying and sleeping the whole time yesterday but he seems to do better today (cleaning himself and stretching his wings). He cannot fly however and under his wing, on his body there’s a small open wound. His right eye seems blind from the attack he could never close it and it doesn’t seem to move or react at all..
I attached a picture of his droppings (before the force feeding) hopefully it can provide some insights to his state. He also has louse which I will buy a spray tomorrow at the pet store.
I’m a student and I cannot afford the vet cost I’m so sorry..


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Can you repost the photo. Yes, you can rinse with saline water and put some antibiotic cream on.
the photo is in the original post, I can’t post it in the replies for some reasons. I don’t have access to antibiotic cream without prescription.. I will just rinse the wound then tho I’m not sure if it’s best to be kept dry or wet?
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