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First of all, Elizabethy, a MOST grateful THANK YOU for all your hard work! The world could use so many more like you!

I have Dominic, a feral pij that I think may be a Show Flight. He showed signs of some type of neurological problem when I first got him but I don't know if it was PMV or not. The symptoms come and go but are mostly gone...at least they seem to be. He is flying a lot better now even with a droopy wing that had been hit with a BB gun (maybe). While he still scatters his seeds around, I hear him pecking on the cage floor after them. He was treated for Coccidiosis and Round Worms.

As you mentioned, a good diet may do wonders!

Just a comment: I was always confused between FrancEs and FrancIs...never knew the difference until someone told me the easiest way to remember whether male or female is to think hEr and hIm...IF Frances is a hen, no worries; if not, no big deal to make a minor spelling change...;) :D

Frances is a beauty and we sure wish you ALL THE VERY BEST and look forward to positive updates!!

Love, Hugs and Scritches

Shi/Squeaks/Dom/Gimie/WoeBeGone :)
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