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We're moving, and I don't want to put these two through the move if we don't have to. We currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and would like to try finding someone who can pick them up as I don't really want to ship them. I'd be willing to drive a ways to meet up with you.

Hoople: Gorgeous male Classic Oriental Frill (bluette). He was shipped to us from North Carolina. We did a bit of hand-feeding with him, but he was too old to imprint on humans, so is only as tame as the dove (will tolerate perching on you, being handled, etc). Like many in his breed, his is something of a clumsy flier.

Gabby: Cute, sassy female ringneck dove. She used to be quite close to my husband, but bonded to Hoople when we got him. We love listening to her gentle coos and the "hee hee hee" laugh-like sound the ringnecks make. She likes perching on a knee if you are playing video games/watching television.

Both birds really, really love a good shower. Hoople will dance around your feet bathing and splashing.

Both birds are in good health. Our ringneck dove needs her back nail clipped every so often as it grows upwards though. They are happy indoors (if provided with sunshine) or outdoors, and are currently being housed in an outdoor cage to ensure they can go to an outdoor home properly adjusted to the weather. They would do fine in a loft.
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