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August, 31 2011, Wednesday

God bless you. I have a street pigeon here that is ill and needs a nice home to go to for recovery and also, possibly a new home to live in. It has been in my apartment since Saturday evening and has adapted very well. "It seems to love its reflection in the mirror (which we found today), and to notice its care taker allot with its eyes." I believe the pigeon has P.M.V. or Canker (Trichomoniasis), but I cannot be positive. This is due to the fact I have not had the time or resources to care for the pigeon as much as I would like to, and this apartment lease will not accept the pigeon unless I pay a deposit and I cannot at this time. I am in California, Long Beach area and I need a helping hand as soon as possible. The pigeon’s name is Contraire and he/she needs help immediately. Thank you for your understanding and God Bless you.

Robert H.
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