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Frillback (Lockentauben) Discussion

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Wow! What a fabulous job FBirdie82 has done with the Frillback article! Thank you, FBirdie82!

The Frillback discussion is now open!

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What a beautiful and intruiging breed!! I especially appreciated the photos of common faults - shows how difficult it is to breed a really top show bird.

That John is such a cutie - love those muffed feet!
They are absolutely beautiful!
A big thank you to FBirdie82 for the great article.
As a new owner of a pair of white frillbacks due to being inspired by this forum and first seeing them here. Searching Australia until I found some not many breeders over here and no black Frillbacks at all.
I learned a lot about the common faults. Love the picture of the three white bird with the sun behind them it is now my desk top picture.
Thanks again

Thank you for such a great presentation. I, too, found the pictures of faults very interesting. It is so much easier to see what is being described with a picture. I felt I learned a great deal about this breed after reading your article on them. Your birds are beautiful.

Great article! Very interesting and great pictures.

Thanks for your hard work!

Very interesting! Well done and great pictures! You have definitely piqued my interest in this breed :p
really enjoyed this wonderful article...what a great job you did. I esp liked the info on the breeding. Did not know about the infertile first eggs and the slow maturity. I really look forward to breeding my white shell creasted birds and the picks gave me alot to compair to. that was great to see the faults and exactly where on the bird,very helpful! Those saddle frills are to die for. I bet they are hard to come by. my first two squeakers are doing well and one has the creast so im keeping him...would'nt you know it he is the mean one. he pecks and bites me when Im cleaning the box...its kinda funny though. the pair are on the second round of eggs now and expect them to hatch around the 20th of March. my breeding loft is being built now and can't wait to breed some nice whites.:) I may have to get into some colors though, I love the yellow and was wondering do you have a pic of the gold you had mentioned?:)

You sure did a thorough presentation and a beautiful job with pictures of examples of faults-, as well as a variety of the most beautiful frillbacks EVER.

I really think those whites and blacks are my favorites, and you got me sold! :p

Thanks for the excellent presentation.
Hi, Is the" frill" a rec. trate or dom?. Toni-Marie
Hi, Is the" frill" a rec. trate or dom?. Toni-Marie
That is one question to share in the genetics forum...:p

By the way, Welcome to Pigeon Talk....Toni-Marie!
My white Frillbacks have just laid there first eggs. I think only one is fertile one is better than none. If so will hatch around 13th April.

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Good luck with the eggs Queen. It will be so nice to have eggs hatching for Easter - one of my white homers is due to hatch hers on Good Friday!:)
French Poodle

Very beautyful birds I call them the FRENCH POODLE of the pigeon world. These birds are attractive and attract many of the people that attend shows.thanks for shearing with us. GEORGE;)
Good luck with the eggs Queen. It will be so nice to have eggs hatching for Easter - one of my white homers is due to hatch hers on Good Friday!:)
Thanks Della
I think it will be a happy Easter as I get to marry a couple and name a baby and at the end my husband will release 8 white homers.

Hope it is fine weather.
My first Frilback baby hatached today Easter Sunday

My first white Frillback baby hatched today Easter Sunday how special as I did not get any chocolate eggs. I checked on them this morning and the baby was nearly hatched. Five minutes later I put some feed in for them and mum hopped off the nest for dad to take over so I snapped a picture it is about five minutes old. The other egg was not fertile so I removed it.
Can't wait to see if it has a cap as it is in it's genetics but mum and dad (Romeo and Juliet) don't have one. ;)

Below proud dad on the nest

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WOW! 5 minutes!!! Timing IS everything!!!

Congratulations on the 1 - sorry to hear about the 2nd.
Thanks Fbirdie82 and wolfwood One is better than none
Congratulation on your new baby. What a precious little thing. The adult bird in the nest, I presume is the Dad................what a MAGNIFICANT beautiful bird.
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