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There is some change and 'experimentation' going on currently, in which the following are included:

1) AGSG/Pigeon King Birds

The contents of this forum (previously consisting of two sub-forums) have been archived under one forum: Archive - AGSG / Pigeon King Birds.

2) Breed of the Week

I will be archiving this forum (consisting of several sub-forums) under one forum: Archive - Breed of the Week. The sub-forums will not be retained, but each thread is self-explanatory. Also see below.

3) Pigeons for Sport

This has been renamed to Fanciers' Forums.

I will set up a (sub-) forum within the Fanciers' Forums called Breeds - Information & Identification. This will be, primarily, the 'new version' of Breed of the Week. This follows on from the discussion thread at


Please see this for more background and details.

There is a new sub-forum in Fanciers' Forums called Useful Links for Fanciers, for which we are ironing out the details of its use.
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