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Futurity babies

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thought I might share some pictures of my babies that I will be sending out. Theres more but since i had these guys in the house to be shipped out i had to take pictures of them since I wont be seeing them no more. Off some of my best in the loft.

hekkenklak/Aristona inbred Gr Son of hekkenklak X inbred Gr. Dau. Aristona
Inbred Mr.in the money. Gr. son of Mr. in the money from SSL x Direct daughter of Mr. in the money
699/969 inbred Gr. son of 969 x inbred gr. dau of 699
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What nice looking youngsters, I appreciate you sharing their pics before they make their departure. I hope they have a long and happy life!
Nice birds!!! So where you sending them to? :D
are those 2008 bands on them? thought you would have needed 2009 bands to be in this years races?? Im just curious but know in club races Ybs have to be of the year they are racing ... nice looking birds thou ;)
LOL ya arent they Yellow bands DVT? I want to send Yearling To :) so they come back to my house :)
These birds are off futurity stuff that's why I call them futurity babies. They are being sent out to a friend of mine as breeder. They are banded old bands because they are not for racing but breeding. The nest mates are all banded with this year gold bands and will be off very soon as well. Just to answer some questions on the concern of old bands. Remeber i had them in the house so I took pictures of them. This sunday I will take pictures of the rest for you guys to see

These are my race team and one loft birds. Took pictures of them today as they sit outside.
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Send me a P.M. about your old bird team.
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