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"golden goblet"dont wanna be caught!

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hi,the little red checker hen i mentioned(now called"golden goblet")is testing me to max!shes a racer,had red band and has been here for over 1 week,shes integrated well with my regulars and feeds,even waiting for feeding time like all my other pigeon pals!been trying to catch her,had couple of close calls with washing basket,but shes too fast,i really need to check out her ring and try to trace her rightful owner,shes quite distinctive colour and reasonably tame(not tame enough to be caught though!)tried shaking a "pringles"tub with nuts,as recomended by someone i know who races pigeons,tried box method,washing basket method lol,any suggestions,,,thanks
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got small nets im gonna borrow from my brother in law, a larger one tommorow,best plan i can think of is at feeding time,while she is feeding at the feeding station(otherwise occupied)ill swoop in with net and try and catch the little so n so,she loves her grub so while shes eating her minds on food lol,would a fisherman net do(larger one)my brother in law is a keen fisherman and has various nets
when you have the bird in the net it is a good idea to twist the net and close off the exits...

at an auction where i work on fridays sometimes a bird get's out and were forced to use a net and an inexperienced person (with a net) may catch it in there but have it fly out so when the bird is in the net just give your wrist a flick to the right or the left and it will close off the exits(if the net is bigg einough
Here is my 2 cents. Wait untill dark. You could probaly sneek up quietly and catch easyer. It helps if the bird is in the same location when roosting so searching does not cause a scare and ALL the birds go nuts flying blind.:eek: (cant see weel in dark) Good luck.
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