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**Good News for North San Diego Folks like me***

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I was talking to the manager at:

Country Feed Store‎
2111 E. Vista Way, Vista, CA‎ - (760) 724-7310‎

And told them about how my pigeons waste so much of the feed they sell because they don't eat two types of the seed most mixed in it. I told them that I wanted to feed my birds Purina Nutrablend (Green).

They ordered it for me!!! And...they said they are going to keep it in stock!!! Right no they have 8 50lb bags in stock. I am only going to buy one.

This food is so much better for the birds, no waste, and no need for grit!!!

Anyhow, just wanted to share.
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How much does a 50 lb. bag cost?

Thanks for sharing that.
ggosh1 how many percent is this feed your talking about and is the price of the feeds in this store are reasonable? meaning is it cheaper if you order it from the club? just wondering what other brands do they have?
It is a pellet no seed..so you will have to wean you birds into them... I just bought a bag and it only costs $19.97!!!!
argh, ethoxyquin! i hate that they put ethoxyquin in so many animal foods! this is why i keep buying the dang Harrison's fine pellets. No nasty preservatives, but so flippin' expensive.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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