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Great new place to release our rehabs

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We got access to a new place to release our rehabs. My boss owns this private lake and he says it's OK for us to release our birds up there. It's 10 miles from the nearest highway and completely fenced off with no public access or hunting etc. I went up and checked it out and it's full of all kinds of birds, Pelicans. RedTails, Canada Geese, Ducks just about every small water bird you can think of - there's even a pair of Bald Eagles it's just a perfect and SAFE place for our guys to go.

NAB :)

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WOW- NAB!!!! That's God sent! Amazing for you....sounds perfect and LOOKS perfect!!
I wouldn’t mind if someone releases me on such a place! :D
I wouldn’t mind if someone releases me on such a place! :D

LOL...me neither!

Nab, it sounds like paradise. What great news!

What TREMENDOUS news, Nab!!

And I agree...that area is PERFECT and just beautiful!

I'm sure you gave grateful THANKS to your boss!! WE DO TOO!!

Love and Hugs
Shi :)
Oh wow! All your rehabs will think they've gone to heaven out there! I also wouldn't mind living out there :p
That is a wonderful place for releases.

that is good news for sure! what a wonderful feeling to have such a place for these wonderful creatures!:)
That is great, Nab!

I wish other people were as kind. I read that Sir Paul McCartney had allowed deer to be released on his land....two so far....
What a great boss!!! What an awesome spot!!!
that place is not only a great place for releases but would also make a great looking desktop ;)
We tried out the new release lake yesterday

We released threee Red-Tails, one Black Crowned Night Heron and my little (not so little now) Canada Goose. All went well.

Here's the Goose

Here's my impressionist version of a Hawk release

Here's the realist version

Here's Nancy getting everybody boxed for the trip

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Here's the BCNH

But he was so fast this is all I could get of him

The Red-Tail did pose for a portrait though.

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Nice to see those birds looking so healthy. Great close-up of the red-tail - such beautiful eyes!
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