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Thanks for rescuing the bird..Apart from PMV, another possibility is a head injury, which also has similar symptoms. Since the bird is apparently not able to control his neck movements owing to a neurological problem, you might have to hand feed for a while, till it gets better.

Catch the bird firmly with a towel, so that the wings and legs are secure and only the head sticks out. Then open its beak, place a pea (or seed) inside and allow it to swallow. If you are giving defrosted peas, you can give like 20 peas for a start. Then wait for 4 hours for the next feeding. You need to check if the bird's crop is empty, before feeding.
To give water, dip the end of his beak in water. He will suck and drink it.
Do not place water more than 2cm deep beside him, since there is the danger of drowning. In fact, since he has no control over his movements, he could get himself in trouble if not kept in a safe confined space till he heals.
If the cause of neck twisting is concussion, it can improve in a matter of days. PMV could take longer. With a little help in feeding, the pigeon can make it through.

Bread is not a good food for pigeons. Defrosted peas, corn, bird seed etc can be given.
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